Akai MPC //

One of main influences for my project is Akai's MPC (Midi Production Centre). The MPC is a sampling machine and Electronic music production tool, heavily used in the 90s to produce Hip Hop and Electronica. I love the usability and feel of the machine. A track can be solely produced on the MPC, many studio recordings are made from it and there has been a few live acts performed using itin conjuction with a set of Turntables. I recently purchased an MPC2000 which is was the industry standard between 1998 and 2002, many artists still use same model today. It gives me an understanding into production tools and what is required in my design whether it be a studio or a live perfance act tool



User Research Technques //

To understand my user group fully, i need to learn from them (as a group) what they like to use to produce/edit music, what are the fun elements in producing electronic music, and what are the dull elements? To help me gain this knowledge I firstly compiled a questionnaire that was hosted on message boards of top electronic music record label websites. I asked some general questions and some more in-depth questions. This method of research really gave an insight into the group I am designing for. I also designed and built an 'Experience Prototype' to give artists a feel of controlling different elements of creating and manipulating sounds. These to pieces of research may not seem much, butI gained a lot of knowledge into the group I am researching and designing for.



Materials //

After my study into various music production tools i have discovered the list of materials is very open, plastic seems to be the most common material used, secondly metal and depending on the technolgies involved, glass too is a common material. I personally like wood, not a material used a lot when electronics are involved. I am going to design and build aesthetic prototypes from wood to understand of how this would effect the emotions and interactivity of the users.



Concepts and Prototypes //

There is a few concept ideas i have that will not begin to prototype and experiment with over the next number of weeks. I plan to test these prototypes on different users.