People //

Testing the Software //

I have worked with the same DJs from my previous research, Barry On Safari and Point To C. I have had great feedback from these two DJs, they have been very helpful throughout my project and tell me they have had a lot of fun with my Prototypes, so i set up one last Experience Prototype for them to test the final technology. Here is some photographs from the test.


Barry On Safari


Barry On Safari (Scratching)


Point to C


I also made a short video of the test, you can see it below...


We tested out different positions of the buttons / functions on the interface. Below is an image of the prefered layout. This layout works smoothest for using with your left hand, the motion of your arm eases outwards so I set up the primary functions (Play / Pause, Touching the Waveform and Pitch Control) to be within this line of movement.


We realised the interface would be best being a reflection of each other. This will fit the ergonomics of you arms and hands best and make the inteface easier to use. I will begin making this change.




Thoughts //

I asked both of the DJs that i did the testing with to leave me comments of their views and thoughts of my product technology, going by their experience of my Touch Table Prototype. The feedback i got was very positive and encouraging...

Comments from Craig (Point To C)




Comments from Barry (Barry On Safari)