Technology //

Final Technology /

The technology works the exact way i planned it to, below is a flow diagram of how Flash and Max/MSP work together, communicating through Flashserver. The Max patch I created is where all the audio control is happening, all of the functions in the patch are controlled by the Flash Application through Flashserver, and the output position of the wave is sent from Max to Flash through Flashserver. This is a fully working system which i have now figured out all the glitches and now runs almost flawlessly.

Flash Interface /

Here is a screenshot of the Flash Application in progress. You can see some of the code which enables Flashsever to communicate between Flash and Max.




Max/MSP /

Here is the finished Max patch which controls the audio of the system. It acts like a Turntable but with more functions.



Final Soloution /

Here is a video demonstration of the technology working.