Bone Samples  
  Samples of bone were modified, to varying degrees, to determine if bone can be made acceptable, or even desirable.  



The samples were taken to a number of local shops in order to engage users and gather their opinions.

  Participants were asked to discuss their responses to the samples and highlight any samples which were particularly attractive (blue dot) or unattractive (black dot).  
  Response Graph  

The investigation revealed two distinct types of responses to the bone samples:

Bone Adjusters

This participant group are attracted to samples which do not appear like natural bone. They prefer the bone to look like it has been processed or modified from its natural state. The laser etched 'domino' bone was particularly effective at putting this user group's anxiety at ease. A number mentioned the appealing use of curved shapes on the 'domino' and 'pink' samples.

Bone Embracers

Interestingly, a small number of participants much preferred the bone left in its natural state. These users embrace the bones natural forms and 'beauty', or find it appealing in a "cool macabre" way. These users will also prefer to see bone used in conjunction with other natural materials.

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