Battery Coffin  
  3D Coring  
  Using the 3D bone models to determine the the most suitable areas to cut the bone.  


  3D Models  
  3D models based on the coring experiments.  


  Laser Etch Tests  
Laser etching a cross into the porous bone. The first run produced a delicate brown appearance. The etching was repeated on the top half of the bone which produced a black, charred appearance.


  Capsule Making  

It was not possible to find a suitable coring tool. Instead a section was cut by hand, and turned to a cylinder on the lathe. It was decided at this stage to make the capsule thicker than originally intended, due to the proportions of the corks. The corks for the models were kindly supplied by Rankin Brothers & Sons (, free of charge.


The section of bone was then machined further within a custom made holster, in order to prevent damage to the piece. It was then soaked in white spirit and heated gently to remove any grease.

  Coffin Graphics  


  Display Stand Sketches  
  Display Stand Prototypes  
  Battery Capsule  
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