Ghost Watch Creation  
  Sizing up  

Creating multiple iterations of the face design to test proportions. The chosen size was then milled before being painted to emulate bone.



  Watch luminosity prototype  
  The face of an existing watch was replaced with a sheet of electro luminescent panel. It was then inserted within a sample of bone.  
  Watch Face Machining  
  Iterations of the watch face were machined on the mill. Spacers for the watch hands were created with plastic.  

Various methods of bonding the el panel to the power supply were explored. The aim was to create a strong connection without affecting the silhouette on the watch face. Connecting to the panel directly proved difficult and eventually it was decided to simply solder to the existing connectors on the panel, and mill out a recess.

  Silver Bracket  
  The outer bracket was created in silver with assistance from  
  Backplate: Photo Etching  
  Variations on the etching graphics. The title 'Ghost Watch' was substituted for 'Twilight'  
  A silver spacer was created and soldered to the backplate, before soldering it to the bracket.  
A film is placed over the silver, and a monochrome acetate is placed over the top. This is then placed in a light box and exposed for 5 seconds. The plate is then lightly washed with soda crystals. Tar is placed around the edges, and any exposed silver which is not to be etched. The piece is then placed in an acid bath and heated.
  Filling in the gaps with silver  
  Strap Design  
  Strap Prototypes  


  Felt, Rubber  
  Stitching Prototypes and colour matching  
  Twilight Bone Watch  


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