Bone Workshop  
  A workshop was arranged, with the help of Sandra Wilson, to allow the 3rd year jewellery students to explore the use of bone as a craft material.  

A poster was created to promote the workshop. Larger versions were pinned on notice boards and small samples were distributed on desks.



  The Workshop  
The workshop took place on the 26th of march. There was a very high turnout of students, and the event was very successful. The workshop offered a quick introduction to the material, and encouraged experimentation. The final designs are to be submitted on the 28th of April. Prizes are to be awarded to the best entries.
  At the end of the session the students were brought together for feedback on their experience. Many found the odour created by cutting the material unpleasant. However the bone was good to work, and the students appreciated the ethical aspects of using the material.  
  Workshop Feedback Video  
  At the end of the workshop, the students were brought back for feedback on the session. Some of the key points raised are covered in the video below.  

  The Jewellery  
  Jessica Buchanan  
"from death comes new life, from decay comes growth..."
Laura Christie
  Ebba Redman  
  Gillian Ross  
  Prize Boxes  
Winners: 1st - Jessica Buchanan, 2nd - Laura Christie
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